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Helping pet owners who are hit with unexpected vet bills

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My daughters cat "Oreo" went missing for 3 days last week. On Thursday my son was out walking his dog and Akira led PJ straight to Oreo. He had been hit by a car and had a fractured jaw and broken leg. Since it was so late in the afternoon I couldn't find anyone open to take Oreo so I gave him Tylenol and kept him as comfortable as possible. First thing Friday I got on the phone I called well over 30 vets and organizations trying to find a vet that would take Oreo and allow me to make payments on his vet bill. Everyone I talked to was no help. I was getting very discouraged! Mrs Linda with CARA got her list out and gave me many numbers to call and finally I came across All Creatures Animal Hospital in Madison. They agreed to take Oreo and get him checked out and set up payment arrangements with their office manager. The down payment for his surgery was going to be $400 which we do NOT have due to my own foot injury.
So late Saturday night I was googling emergency vet funds and ran across this organization. I sent them a message and they immediately got back with me. Not only were they very prompt in answering but they called the veterinarian where Oreo is and paid the down payment for me! I am forever grateful as that was a huge financial blessing to my family. We are animals lovers and you saved us from having to put our sweet boy down. I cannot wait for him to come home in a few days and when he does I will be sending pictures! If everyone would take a moment to share this and please spread the word for this organizations GoFund Me I would greatly appreciate it! They didn't hesitate to help my family and I want to make sure they have the donations to help others in my shoes! Thanks everyone and Thank you again for blessing my family!


I was playing with my Khaos here on Saturday and he fell and hurt his leg and I thought it was a sprain, I came home early from work Sunday and my lil guy still couldn't walk on his foot, my friend Avril Gagner took us to the vet and they were awesome done x-rays and explained that Khaos had a couple breaks in his leg and in his foot itself leaving his growth plates damaged. Leaving amputation as the resolution. This was the most devastating blow I felt so horrible I have no money and my puppy needed an expensive surgery, I had no idea what I was going to do, when my friend Avril picked me up this morning and said she had found a donation towards khaos's surgery I was estatic, I was getting the run a round from a pet plan and was in need of the last 400 of the amount to be able to bring Khaos home to recover, and the emergency vet relief fund answered my prayers and donated the amount for Khaos. I can't say how mentally, physically and emotionally overwhelming this situation was just to watch my best friend go through this. I love my Khaos and I'm so blessed to have such amazing angels come into our lives and help such a great deal. I'm very grateful and very blessed to have had the help and Khaos is doing well he's home resting but is walking round... One happy momma thank you so much Khaos and I appreciate everything